this post was inspired by a new book called “forged” by bart ehrman, basically he says all the new testament is forged, but I have to take some issue with him, especially Paul

corinthians by paul is undoubtedly my favorite part of the new testament because it is so honest, heartfelt, and you could see how Paul was positive that Jesus would return in his lifetime (which by the way is what some evangelicals teach today — making them more true to the bible than those to that teach Jesus never said when he would come). Fact is, jesus is more overdue than my library books.

The rest of the new testament is a problem, hard to feel for who the writer is, what he is after, it is a mishmash of prophecies, moralism, and second third and forth hand sayings about jesus.

Now here’s the thing. . . Paul NEVER MET JESUS.

Yet, it is also clear that Paul went to jerusalem and met with Peter, who in fact was there at Jesus’ death.

I often play in my mind their meeting, tho Paul never wrote it down. Sometimes it goes like this:

Version 1, Peter meets Paul.

Paul: so, peter. did it happen? Did Jesus really rise from the grave. Tell me the truth I have to know. What really happened?

Peter: Are you of so little faith. Gentile, heathen, scum! Why do you doubt it.

Paul: So you won’t tell me you sanctimonious prick.

Peter: Get out of here. I am the church, and you must obey me.

Paul: One day, when we are both long dead, people will praise you as the first pope, as the founder of christianity. But ONLY BECAUES I TOLD THEM SO.

(Paul stomps off in digust)

then . . . sometimes it is like this

Version 2, Peter meets Paul

Paul: Praise Jesus, praise you Peter, and praise god the almighty and all merciful.

Peter: Stand up, you scum, you heathen. What is it you want.

Paul: Peter, you were there, and you were the first among the apostles of Jesus, and well . . . what I want to say . . .

Peter: What is it, scum! Speak up, villain.

Paul: I am not worthy. Forgive me Peter. I will go and meditate.

Peter: Get the hell out of here, and taken all your of your heathen ways out of here, I never want to see you again. Scum!

Paul backs out bowing and kow-towing.

Then sometimes I write a different version, but I always have this idea of how peter absolutely despised Paul, yet it is Paul who built the church because Paul preached to heathens while Peter did nothing, he didn’t want to establish a new world religion, he just wanted to fix some corrupt religious things in his home town.