In no particular order, this my book list of my top 19 books. Thanks to my bro who turned me on to Dawkins, had to add “The Selfish Gene” to my list. Might eventually add wealth of nations and tocqueville lewis & clark, some others, but for now this is my list only 19 books long, that’s not a very long list.

1. the feynman lectures, richard feynman
2. the mismeasure of man, stephen jay gould
3. the selfish gene, richard dawkins
4. reminiscences of a stock operator, edwin lefevre
5. progress and poverty, henry george
6. the five ages of the universe, fred adams
7. the demon haunted world, carl sagan
8. phantoms in the brain, vs ramachandran
9. banality of evil, hannah arendt
10. a study of history, arnold toynbee
11. the histories, herodotus
12. tipping point, malcolm gladwell
13. the last journel of robert falcon scott
14. the diary of anne frank
15. the elegant universe, brian greene
16. founding brothers, joseph j ellis
17. best lessons of chess coach, sunil weeramantry
18. history of pi, petr beckman
19. not even wrong, peter woit