How To Make a ZACHER Knot

I get asked all the time how to make up bridles etc…so this has been done to show you how to make a larks head that is secure and easy to do without the need of a sewing machine..Its called the Zacher knot.

Firstly you need some tools. The tools I use are as follows



  • Knife…sharp of course
  • Ruler
  • Lighter
  • Pen
  • Candle
  • Splicing fiddle. For this I use a piece of thin wire twisted together with a loop on one end. I also put a dob of wax on the other end to allow it to slide up the inside of the line better.

Of course you need some line as well. For this I generally acquire some 2.5 mm Dyneema that has a breaking train of about 800kg. To do this type of knot you need to get line that’s weave can be opened up to allow the line to be slid up the middle. You should be able to get this line from any good ship chandlery.

I like to mark out where I am going to splice so that when I make them they are basically the same in size.


Next you open up the weave of your line to allow it to be spliced.



Insert the splicing fiddle through the open weave and start to slide it up the centre.

Pull the line through, it will come with a little bit of encouragement.


After you have pulled it through, make the loop the size you want and tie a half hitch where the line has exited.


Pull this knot nice and tight, you don’t want it loose.


Now… insert your splicing fiddle in between the weave just down from the knot…try and get it as close as possible…and tread it through to the desired length. And as before pull through the line.



This is how it should look by now……time to tidy it up and pull it tight. You are still able to adjust the knot at this stage to make the loop bigger or smaller depending on what you want. Just make sure you pull everything tight before you cut off the excess line.



Cut off the excess line with a sharp knife. I usually pull a little bit of the inside line out before I cut it off so that when the knot is pulled tight the excess line disappears within the outside line.


Completed…ready for use…and no need to use the wife’s sewing machine…as they tend to get a bit cranky when you can sew just as good as them..


Here is one larks head the I have sewn up next to one with Zacher knot. If I choose to sew them instead of using the Zacher knot, I use a polyester upholstery thread from Spotlight etc. ( Ya wife will know where Spotlight is…)


Happy Kiting!