I think of anyone out there, it is the writers of fiction and fantasy, of hollywood movies, and of comedy that have a responsibility to truth.  I remember when Jon Stewart took down bow tied Tucker Carlson for not being accurate, and then when Jon was attacked for the same crime, he retreated with the line that I’m just a comedian.

But where does anyone get their version of reality from?  We don’t read scientific papers, nor do we interview doctors.  We get our version of reality from everything around us.  And primarily this means movies, television comedy sitcoms, fiction and fantasy books and television dramas.

When a serious issue of date rape is covered in a comedy or a movie, it is honored as educating the public.  But what about all the abdication from reality that movies have.  In general movies do not draw their version of reality from reality.  They draw it from previous movies, from previous comedies and previous dramas.

I think my least favorite meme in the world of fiction/reality/movies whatever this gestalt of the world we perceive is the idea that you can knock out someone for an indeterminate time and they will wake up ok later fully conscious and ready to go.

Luckily in sports there is a sort of antidote to this awful idea, so you will see quarterbacks taken out of games if they had a concussion recently but prior to this meme of “concussions bad” this KO meme existed (and still exists) in the stream of information we imbibe.

Suppose a writer has an person that needs to be removed from the plot for a while.  What’s the laziest possible way to do this?  Knock him or her out with a blow to the back of the head.  Then, 30 minutes later, 2 hours later or even a day later, they wake up fully conscious alert and perfectly ready to go.

Of course in real life if someone is knocked out, for instance, in the famous case of when Ray Mancini KO-ed Duk Doo Kim in a boxing match on live television, after Kim was layed out and non-responsive for more than 30 seconds, people got worried, sure enough the next day, Kim was dead.  That’s the reality of a concussion it is serious business.  You don’t wake up from it whole and sound.

I think it is the responsibility of writers of fiction to get the little details like this right.  Don’t KO someone just because you are too lazy to write out a plot point correctly.  Where do you think the world gets its facts from.  We get them from the whole broadband stream of entertainment that’s where.

And just like how a drama or comedy can be honored when it touches a serious topic like AIDS or rape, it should be dishonored when the writer takes a shortcut.  Instead of looking at the world with fresh eyes, writers like to borrow whatever the previous meme was recycle it and present it as new, and if it’s not quite right in the facts, they just say “Well it’s just entertainment.”

I have to finish with the single worst meme for lazy writers: the ticking time bomb torture device.  Just once, please, have a ticking time bomb, torture a suspect, have him confess where it is, go to the location . . . and then you find out you tortured some random guy that had no idea what you were talking about.  Because if you torture someone they will confess to anything.  Just saying, get back to reality, quit being lazy with your plot memes, because reality starts with the fictional world that writers create.