I know I’ve said this before, but here’s my feeling on the golden rule.

Ayn Rand was right, but she was also wrong.  We don’t owe anything to anyone, there’s no higher power that says what we have to do. 

But she was wrong.  Going “Galt” is an awful way to live.  Because we humans are not solitary orangutans, roving in the forest, self sufficient and reliant on nobody but our own wits.

Instead humans are more like ants, or a tribe of chimps.

Without social contact, and a feeling of living within and a part of society, we fail to thrive. 

So the reason for the golden rule is not because of a higher power or that it leads to a better society, or Hume or Kant or any other reason like that.   It’s because without “Do unto others” or the silver rule “Do not do unto others” the life you lead is just miserable.

And this is of course why Gates feels like he needs to give back to the community with all his charitable work.  Because it makes him feel good and makes him a better person.

Good deeds builds a strong personality, one that makes it worth living.

Being selfish all the time is for your personality like it would be for your body and mind if you sat on the couch eating cheetos and watching TV all the time

Just like the body can be strengthened with exercise the personality can be strengthened by doing good.

That said, my personality is closer to a cheeto eater, I’m pretty selfish.