I guess most people know about Tosh, well Louis C.K. first pretended not to defend him said his tweet was an accident but later on he came out and said he did defend Tosh and how Tosh was making rape jokes.

I want to explain one thing about Louis C.K.  He is not edgy.  He thinks because he can make a rape joke or anti-semitic joke or a joke about dead babies he is edgy.

He does not even know what edgy smells like.  He has absolutely nothing in common with Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor.  Go ahead make your rape jokes.  Make them because you like rape.  But don’t pretend to be edgy.  You want to be edgy and speak about things “out of bounds” ” I have a few things for you:

Use the “N” word.  Make fun of that group.   Bonus points, at the Apollo.  That’s right you won’t do it, because you saw what happened to Michael Richards.

Ok, how about this one.  When you make your dumb joke about a bag of dicks, whip your own dick out and point at it.

Oh wait you won’t do that either because you don’t want to go to jail for obscenity.

So go ahead make whatever jokes you like, but please quit being a hypocrite.  You self censor yourself because certain topics will get you in trouble.  But of course making jokes about women is not one of them.  You’re not edgy.  So just quit pretending.