Watching reports of Hurricane Sandy just made me realize there is one thing every single movie about zombies have gotten wrong.


Every single movie.


If you watch a zombie movie, the happy end of the world adventurers goes to the walmart and gets some canned tuna fish some rolls of toilet paper and extra magnum rounds.  And the store is well stocked.


Did you not see what happened with Hurricane Sandy book writers, and movie directors? 


Do you know how long it takes to clean out an entire superstore?  Not just tuna, but pet food, furniture, even extra cans of turtle wax, GONE.  The entire store will be hollow empty shelves.


When the zombie apocalypse comes, and you decide to go check out the local walmart, it will be like Stalinist Russia, every shelf, empty, and the only evidence that goods once graced those shelves will be the price tags hanging in the breeze.


When the zombie apocalypse comes, the mother of all rat packing will happen, and there won’t be a 7-11 with a piece of gum left on the shelves 15 minutes after the first zombie shows up growling for brains on your lawn.