got stuck at the launch today car didnt start managed to get it going by bypassing the keyinterlock . . . so of course as soon as I get home I am looking at new cars and this mitsubishi mirage looks great. Under 2,000 pounds, climate control USB, let me tell you something anyone who tells you the reason cars weigh 3000, 4000 or 5000 pounds because of air bags or safety features are full of it.

Reviews for the mirage are terrible. They complain about road noise handling and how it “feels cheap”. And this is why american cars are so big. People like their cars doors to go THUNK not feel like a screen door. When they kick the tires, they want it to sit there like a tank made of depleted uranium. When they drive down the highway they want it to be in absolute silence like a submarine. When they look at the wheels 14 inches isn’t enough they want 17 inches or more. And when they stomp on the pedal they want the giant hunk of metal to scream down the highway so they can get right behind the bumper right in front of them. This is where the weight comes from, sound proofing the car, huge monster tires, that need monster brakes that needs a monster engine, and most ridiculous of all they need the door to sound like it’s 3 inches of solid oak. That’s why the MPG of a modern car is still in the 20’s instead of 50 or higher.

The mirage has none of that, it sounds looks feels cheap and exactly the kind of car I like. It says something like 40 or so mph but it can probably get 50mph if you don’t go aggro with it.

Consumers love fat huge cars that weigh a ton, and the car industry is more than happy to provide it. I’m sure as the mirage grows up it will get heavier and heavier each year, just like what happened to my honda civic, which has turned into a fatty that I don’t even recognize, the miarge will eventually start going THUNK, the wheels will get huge, but for now it’s a useful lightweight car, and not some boxy fortwo. Mirage 1.2 liter engine can actually seat 4 that’s where it’s at. 0 to 60 is in “I’m not in a hurry” just how I like it.