update, 9-28-2014 they have been changing the name of this project, now it’s called the “nanoflowcell Quant e-sportlimousine”, these guys have also added something about Bosch “partnering” with them but if you read the Bosch press releases at http://www.bosch-press.com there is no mention of this.  I assume “partnership” is some sort of exaggeration on the part of nanoflowcell.  Now back to my original article from september

I have heard so much hype about this machine.


It is something called an esport limousine affiliated with a battery company called Eden LTD.  Now if you look at the claimed specs it is under 3 seconds 0-60 has a range of 300 miles, uses as batteries salt water.   Well actually that is a bit of a lie it’s not salt water, check out the Eden tech products and all they have produced are vanadium flow batteries.

The batteries claim to be about 1000 times better than a lithium battery, better than anything else in the entire world.  The number of scientific papers referencing this technology by scientific labs?  Zero.  The number of patents put out by this company?  Zero.  If you dig a little deeper you’ll see the inventor had a similar scam about a decade ago when he claimed he invented a solar powered car that would run forever.  Also there are statements in the Eden battery website which say they have created a battery that will allow a car to run forever.  yes a perpetual motion machine.   Because they say, it has regenerative breaking.

If you try to google e-sportlimousine you will find page after page of breathless greenies who can’t wait for the gasoline engine to be abolished that’s why they eat this up.  There is not a single rebuttal.  So of course this company is prepared to reap the benefits of this con.  Which is to obtain massive investments for a product that can not exist.  It is pure hype.  What is ridiculous to me is that they didn’t make reasonable and ordinary claims.  Instead they made outrageous claims, which if true would abolish tesla as a car company and mean gasoline cars would go out of existence entirely in 5 years thanks to the revolutionary battery.  Why do the claims have to be so outrageous?  But of course that’s like flies to honey, the investors love these lies the more outlandish the better.  We believe what we want to believe.

They claim energy densities of around 600kwh/kg which is roughly 1,000 times better than a lithium battery (.5khw/kg) and they are doing it with “salt water”.  Even using vanadium/vanadium flow batteries the best you can get in a laboratory is about 50kwh/kg usually less.

How does a scam work?  They tell you something you already want to believe.  That’s step one.  Then they make it too good to be true.  That’s the second step.   The third step is to pretend this is an exclusive offer.  Now I don’t know what they are doing about step three, but good for them.  It’s an incredible scam and I believe this is the third type of scam this inventor has done, first with solar car, then in 2009 with a similar project, and in 2014 with this e-limousine.

So I have no sympathy for investors who lose all their money putting it in e-sportlimousine.  If you are so easily hypnotized out of your life savings, maybe having money is not for you.   What I don’t like is the collateral damage.  I see people sharing this bogus tale on social media and then watch all the likes pile up.   Please stop liking it.  It’s just a scam.

I understand, if you google the esportslimousine the first 1,000 hits are breathless admiration about this new supercar.  But if it was real you would see a patent.  This is a shoestring operation.  Telsa would be offering 10 billion for it, if it were real.  But they aren’t offering a single cent.  Because it’s not real.  it’s a con.