just read “The End of Physics: The Myth of a Unified Theory” by david lindley 1993, and the title is really a bit misleading, the first 200 pages is a history bringing us up to 1993 and the standard model, the last two or three pages is about the actual end of physics.

Really a wonderful book tho, he gets into all the basic problems, newton to einstein, bohr to schrodinger, Lord Kelvin and his prediction of the age of the earth.

What is amazing tho is despite this book being over 20 years old there is only one change or maybe two you need to make to bring it up to date and that is, “Yes Dark Energy exists” and of course the mass of the Higgs boson is no longer a mystery but known to be 125Gev.

Look back from 1900 to 1920, bohr atom was overthrown by the wave function, 1920 to 1940, quantum field theory was discovered and overturned the simple ideas of quantum particle theory, then from 1940 to 1960 the electromagnetic force was unified with the weak force, then from 1960 to 1980 the strong force and quarks were discovered with quantum chromodynamics also the higgs field was discovered and “symmetry breaking” the way it worked. Every 20 years has seen enormous strides in physics experiment and theory hand in hand.

from 1993 when this book was published until now, nothing has happened in theoretical physics. There has been one amazing discovery that of perlmutter made sometime around 2000 and that is dark energy, but nothing really on the theoretical end of physics.

This is astonishing. Oh there have been lots and lots of papers published especially about string theory but that’s just math, not actual physics.

Anyway it is a nice book even tho the title is misleading it’s more of a history. But I think the title might be right. It’s possible that we have reached the end of physics. Not because there is nothing more to discover! There are incredible mysteries. The reason we might have reached the end is because to go to the next stage in experimental physics we need an accelerator trillions of times bigger than the LHC, you know something the size of the solar system that ain’t happening. That by the way is one of the predictions of the book, that Lindley makes in the last chapter once we discover the Higgs, that’s it, experimental physics has reached a dead end because to level up one more time it’s just beyond the reach of the entire resources of the planet earth.