A lot of 1977 references, deep throat, towering inferno, several commercials that were running in 1977, the feel o vision was a reference to the dolby sound system that first came out in 1975, then the blasploitation reference, the enter the dragon parody.

You have to be on your toes to catch the references and from the vantage of 2015 these parodies of pop culture in 1977 are just not very funny, the main reason is that when you make fun of something that is trivial it’s hard to see why there is a parody in the first place. In 1977 tho a lot of these things were big but from 2015 it’s hard to see what the fuss was.

The best parts of this movie are the really shocking bits, frying a cat, keep a dead child around to play with that sort of stuff. That can still be shocking even if it’s not tremendously funny and the movie gets props for being outrageous there. The nude scenes are tame by today’s standards, so for instance the newscasters looking in on a sex scene and getting excited, it seems weird why would you care about it.

The best thing about this movie is that it led to the Zuckers eventually making some of the greatest comedy films of the past 50 years with airplane and the naked gun franchise.

It’s really impossible for me to put myself back in 1977 but I wonder if I would find it funny back then. It isn’t funny now.