This book tricked me.  I have a degree in physics so I am always incredibly excited to see a book that seems to be a hard science book you know one actually about the science or if not that at least religiously adheres to the standard model.  This book has titles like The Zeroeth Law of Thermodynamics, Degeneracy, you know stuff relating to the laws of physics, black holes, information and such.  But really this is a book about terrorists, a shady Mallt-y-Nos, the entire solar system hunting them down, guns in space, maintenance hatch, a sort of mix of John le Carre, the locked room mystery of Agatha Christie and a bit of Star Trek.   There is plenty of excitement fights, interrogations, a good solid plot.  But like I said I got distracted reading this book, it’s like you bite into an orange and it’s made of meat.   Just not what I expected.   It’s very tightly written good characters, but I can’t get over how mislead I felt when I read this book.    I might re-read this again but next time I would put my mindset into that of a spy thriller murder mystery, and not get ready to have my thirst of science slacked.