“The reason we don’t see these funny quantum states that they are interacting with things around them we call that decoherence. The question is does this explain schoedinger’s cat paradox? Absolutely. The cat is being bombarded with air molecules all the time. An awful lot of nonsense is said about quantum mechanics. There are mysterious things about it. But all of them have to do with gravity. If the word gravity doesn’t appear and they say there is something mysterious about quantum mechanics they are selling you something. When we do things in the lab it is beautifully described by quantum mechanics. There’s no difficulty whatsoever. Decoherence solves all of the old paradoxes. This was a point appreciated by Bohr and Heisenberg. Bohr was such a horrible writer that it didn’t really penetrate but it was revived in the 1980’s. The process of measurement is not some ur-different thing. It’s part of nature! A measuring device is made out of the same stuff everything else is made of. There’s no “mysterious consciousness” involved in the process of measurement. There’s no such thing as wave function collapse. Everything is just good old fashioned quantum mechanics. There is something important when you have interactions between small systems and very very big systems, then these quantum coherences can be very quickly lost. That’s the reason why classical physics emerges, it’s why measurements yield well defined answers.”
Nima Arkani-Hamed speaking at the Cornell Messanger Lectures June 6, 2016.
I’ll probably save this quote in my blog too, so I can reference it later when I feel the need to talk sense to copenhagen quantum wooers.