Why 21?  Because that’s how far I got.  I might add 1 or 2 later on, then it will be 22 or 23.  I was talking with a sibling of mine about how I quit watching movies because they suck, I don’t watch tv because it sucks too.  I still occasionally read books tho and the reason is there are so many authors so many books it is inevitable that eventually you will find a book that you relish.   Unlike movies where if you are lucky there might be one good movie in a given year, every year there are hundreds of amazing books.  So if you think you might have a similar taste to mine, here’s a book list of some of my favorite sci fi & fantasy books.  I know some of these books are really too common, flowers for algernon, lord of rings, if you haven’t read those yet you probably don’t need my recommendation.  But I believe there might be some books in here someone else might be interested in.  My reading tastes range from the shallow to the deep, not sure if there is a consistent theme to what I like.

top sci fi & fantasy books and why, no particular order with one line explaining why

1. Cugel’s Saga, Jack Vance.  D&D style fantasy complete with greedy main characters
2. ubik, philip k dick.  One of the best sci fi writers with perhaps his greatest book.
3. deepness in the sky, vernor vinge.  An omelet of hard sci fi, characters, plot and actual science.
4. lord of the rings tolkien, he started that sword and sorcery thing
5. 1984, orwell.  no longer the future 1984 is now
5. 20,000 leagues under the sea, jules verne.  great old timey stuff.
6. flowers for algernon, keyes, because we are all algernon.
7. day of the triffids, john wyndham, a great 1950’s plant invasion
8. jonathan strange and mr norrell, susanna clarke, wonderfully written
9. a witch shall be born, robert e howard.  scene of conan freeing himself from crucifixation has never been equaled
10. nine princes in amber, zelazny, this is one of the few “just for fun” series that I enjoy re-reading
11. solaris, stanislaw lem, pyschological sci fi
12. varney the vampire, James Malcolm Rymer and Thomas Peckett Prest, dickens era vampire story, when vampires weren’t cool
13. the descent, jeff long, so claustrophobic
14. first book of swords, fred saberhagen, i like this because fred tries not to be too silly even when ridiculous
15. when gravity fails, george alec effinger, a terrific writer that happens to write sci fi
16. nul-a ae van vogt, it’s the golden age, where men were manly men
17. arcane, carl sherrell.  If you don’t see a unicorn on the cover then it’s the wrong “arcane”
18. marrow, robert reed.  wonderful detailed sub light sci fi book, because sub light speed is always better than warp speed
19. the magus, john fowles.  Is he a wizard or a bullshitter?
20. ash: a secret history, mary gentle.  All the  other world builders are just fakers, this is the real deal.
21. ship of fools, richard paul russo, really is there any better hard sci gene than sub light speed space ships?
22. Ursus of Ultima Thule, Avram Davison.  Reading books by Avram always reminds me of my late father for some reason.